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Get to Know Us

ALOVE Keepers was started by a heavy-hearted nurse assistant, who witnessed the decline in the elderly when they were removed from their homes and placed in long-term care facilities. At ALOVE Keepers, we provide high-quality home care services to clients in the Carolina area. We strive to assist every client with improving their quality of life, encouraging independence, and allowing them to be comfortable with excellent care in a lovely environment by providing first-class, professional care with respect, dignity, and compassion.


Comforting Hands

Programs & Services 

Home Is Where The Heart Is 

Filling Prescription

Medication Administration/Monitoring

Everybody reaches a moment in their lives where they might no longer be able to care for themselves. Nature requires that each person's family take care of them, but sadly, careers and other aspects of modern life frequently make this a challenging chore. The assistance that retirees and their families need is provided by ALOVE Keepers, including the administration and supervision of medications by trained healthcare workers (CNAs and medication technicians) who are under the direction of a registered nurse. Our staff successfully passes background checks and receives ongoing training in a variety of topics to enhance the level of care provided to our residents.


Nutritional and Dietary Counseling

The residence of our residents will offer three wholesome meals and snacks each day. As necessary, we provide regular and therapeutic diets under the direction of a Licensed Dietitian. We go above and beyond to ensure that each resident feels completely at home at ALOVE Keepers by attending to their individual requirements. 

Patient and Nurse

Assisted Living

We provide our residents with a safe and comfortable environment promoting active and independent lives.
We support seniors, who can no longer live on their own safety, with assistance in meeting their daily needs including feeding, dressing, bathing, medication administration/supervision, recreational activities, etc.


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